Season RankingsEdit

  1. The Sahara 
  2. Redemption Island 
  3. Japan 
  4. South Pacific 
  5. Season 1 
  6. Cape Horn 
  7. North Pole 
  8. Namibia 

Winner RankingsEdit

1- MrBlasphemy (The Sahara)

  • The Sahara just wouldn't have been the same without MrB winning. The series first and currently only truly INV winner, MrBlasphemy played an invisibly spotless game, making no enemies, and recieving no votes beforehand. But what really made MrB the most amazing winner of all time, is that he was played by JERealize, who had only played one other time, as the first eliminated character in South PacificMrB stands as a symbol of hope for all users who believe they have no chance of winning a season of FireVivor.

2- Lisa (South Pacific)

  • To this day, Lisa is one of FireVivor's ONLY OTT players to win, the other being Merlin. Lisa played a far from flawless game, being somewhat annoying, and coming off as manipulative and fake to other players. In the end, though, she beat all odds and was crowned the winner of the season.

3- Penelope (North Pole)

  • Despite not being the most interesting winner ever, Penelope is arguabley FireVivor's first female all-star player. Not being as social as other players in her season, Pen dominated the physical aspect of the game, winning two concecutivre challenges at the merge, and doing great in challenges pre merge.

4- Kass (Redemption Island)

  • Despite being played by Toadgamer80Kass is probably one of the most likable winners the game has had. He wasn't a complete borewhore, acting as a challenge threat the whole game, and also a really likable person. What puts Kass so low on the list is the fact that he may have come off as a little less interesting to viewers than he was in the actual game. He can be closely compared to Penelope, winner of North Pole.

5- Korrine (Japan)

6- Sirius (Season 1)

7- Merlin (Cape Horn)

8- Vanessa (Namibia)